Posted in May 2012

So, What Do You Do?

After a few minutes of conversing with a new person, one question in particular is bound to arise: “So, what do you do?” This question is universal, regardless of race or gender. At almost any social gathering, it essentially determines whether a conversation will be continued or halted. Answer it correctly, and a stranger could become your best friend … Continue reading

Yet Another Thought on Same-Sex Marriage

Our president made history today by affirming same-sex marriage. I could take President Obama to task about many of his stances, but today, I am simply proud of his brave decision to support marriage equality. His announcement came in the wake of the passage of Amendment One in the state of North Carolina, which defines … Continue reading

Treat Every Black Baby Like Blue Ivy

Treat Every Black Baby Like Blue Ivy

I foresee Blue Ivy Carter’s 1st birthday on January 7, 2013 being recognized as an international holiday by Beyoncé and Jay-Z fans everywhere. Her birth was one of the most anticipated so far in the 21st century. As the daughter of music royalty, Blue Ivy will probably never know what it feels like to want or … Continue reading