Let Me Show You How Your P*ssy Works: A Case Study in Ageism and Sexism

Earlier this week, I noticed several people on my Twitter timeline discussing Brian McKnight and also realized that his name was trending. When blasts from the past suddenly become a hot topic on Twitter, it usually means they have departed earth for that deluxe apartment in the sky, but thankfully, Mr. McKnight is alive and well. Very alive and well actually. As I perused the aforementioned tweets, I surmised that the R&B singer had just released a rather entertaining YouTube video previewing his new song entitled “If You’re Ready to Learn.” Upon watching the video, my ears were treated to the following lyrics:

“Let me show you how your pussy works, since you didn’t bring it to me first

I have lots of things to show you, if you’re ready to learn.

Let me show you how your pussy works, bet you didn’t know that it could squirt.

I have lots of things to show you, if you’re ready to learn.”

Wait a minute. Hold my mule. Did Brian McKnight just say the word “squirt?” Was he seriously crooning about his extensive knowledge about the mechanisms of the female vagina? And did he really announce that the song would be featured on his upcoming ADULT mixtape? This was clearly not the Brian McKnight of my childhood who sang sweet tunes about unrequited love and other equally innocent romantic themes.

I felt amused and disturbed at the same damn time and according to Twitter, I was hardly alone. Why did myself and many of my peers have extreme reactions to the video? I’ve come to the two following conclusions:

1. Watching a man old enough to be our father sing about his expertise in the bedroom is something that we rarely see although sex is pervasive in our society. Of course, we know people age 40 and older have active and healthy sex lives, but we rarely hear about these lives in the media or other public forums. Furthermore, in the R&B world, explicit lyrics are most commonly left to youngbloods such as Chris Brown and Trey Songz.  They sing about making the p*ssy wet, eating it, and beating it up, and we don’t even blink twice. What does it say about our culture when both young and old alike are astonished when older people dare to address their participation in sexual acts in public?

2. Most grown ass women are fully aware of how their p*ssy works. After 24 years of exploration, I am proud to say that I know my vagina’s likes, dislikes, and various capabilities like the back of my hand. Why does Brian McKnight feel that he has been ordained to teach us women about our lady parts? His song is yet another instance of men claiming ownership of women’s bodies. Instead of being concerned about schooling women about what we already know, perhaps McKnight should worry about his own sexual prowess and stick to advising fellow men on how to thrive in the bedroom.

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