Man Gives Rihanna Head: A Sticky Situation (420 Friendly)

As a nod to today’s holiday (and if you didn’t know today was a holiday, don’t even worry about it), I have decided to address a recent photo featuring a woman who was just named one  of Time Magazine’s Most Influential People: Rihanna. The R&B starlet is definitely having a moment. Not a day goes by without me reading juicy tidbits about her life on the blogosphere, body rolling to her music blaring from my car radio or skimming through her always entertaining Twitter account. Rihanna is ubiquitous, and I personally found it difficult not to fall in step with the “Rihanna Navy,” as she calls her fans. I’m writing this as I don a sailor’s cap, so obviously, I eventually fell. It’s true. I’ve fallen victim to her bad ass Caribbean gangsta antics… and I like it.

However, a picture she posted on her Instagram account last weekend left me feeling a tad uneasy. The picture was snapped at Coachella Music Festival last weekend and shows her rolling a marijuana blunt while sitting on the shoulders of a man who I presume to be one of her bodyguards. For now, I am willing to ignore the fact that if one of us laymen were spotted with marijuana in a public venue, we would surely be arrested. All hail celebrity privilege! But the fact that Rihanna used the head of one of “the help” to roll a blunt  irks me for some reason. Although the man is probably paid a princely sum and probably rather enjoyed having Ri Ri’s legs wrapped around his head,  his willingness to act as a human table does a disservice to those in the service industry. Rihanna tweeted that the catalyst for her actions in the photo was that she “ran out of f***s to give,” but perhaps she will be able to find a few more f***s in the near future when dealing with employees that contribute to her huge success.

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