Housewives and Holes: Season 4, Part II Reunion Ep. of The Real Housewives of Atlanta

I firmly believe that a woman should have agency to use the hole between her legs in whatever form or fashion she chooses. While I wish women’s holes (oh, let’s be adult about this for a minute and call them vaginas) were mainly an orifice used to receive pleasure, I live in a little place called the real world, where women of all stripes are raised to be afraid of their so-called “holes” because good girls don’t share theirs with others on a casual basis. Women are nearly put on a damn pedestal for maintaining their virginity until marriage. And it can be said that I’m pulling the gender card, but let’s be completely honest with ourselves: women have yet to achieve equality in this progressive society of ours as evidenced by many things, but most glaringly by the war conservatives are currently waging against women’s reproductive systems. Controlling women’s bodies has been one of the government’s favorite hobbies for ages. Vaginas are and will forever be controversial, as well as organs of ill-repute.

With that said, what should women (especially black women) think when we see the ladies of The Real Housewives of Atlanta accusing each other of using their holes for financial gain as they did in tonight’s episode, the series’ season 4, part 2 reunion show? Should we feel proud because they are completely rejecting our country’s obsession with maidenhood? Should we feel angry because black women have been characterized as sexually immoral ever since we touched down in this country and the housewives are doing absolutely nothing to defy this image? Perhaps it would be easiest and least painful to simply feel amused because clearly these women are the hottest of the hot messes?

The smorgasbord of emotions we could and should feel in response to the Housewives’ behavior is endless. Though it has been said many times, many ways that The Real Housewives of Atlanta is a piece of mind-numbing trash television, it never fails to provide me with material that provokes me to think critically about the status of black women in America. It just happens to be one of the only shows that I can tune into weekly and see people who look like me, even though that’s probably where the similarities end. Personally, I found the episode to be ridiculous per usual, yet refreshing because the women spoke openly about a method that millions of women worldwide use to make ends meet and to put food on their table: by using their holes. While the show often does not reflect reality, this particular discussion was really very real.

So, what did you think of the episode?

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